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I rescued text this from an unarchived thread on a Certain Messageboard. Much of it was lost; it's almost certainly a fabrication; but it's lovely, and worthy, so here it is.
Have any of you ever encountered “shakers” before? I think I may have seen one last night.

Since it was bonfire night a few friends invited me up into the local woods just to let some fireworks off in a clearing. Everything was going great until one of the girls with us pointed out a woman who was watching us from the edge of the trees. Everyone looked over & saw this woman, a lot of the group started to get really scared, but me & some of the other guys in the group decided to go see what she wanted. It’s when we started getting close that we knew something was up because she was shaking really violently, that was the first thing we noticed. Secondly her complexion was a pale blue, like when you see frozen corpses, that sort of colour. She was dressed in some sort of long frock that was completely tattered at the bottom too. This stopped us in our tracks but we still called out to her asking what she wanted, it was at this point she started shambling toward us, still shaking uncontrollably, naturally we just got terrified and bolted, after talking about it once we got to safety everyone seems to think we encountered a “shaker”

The myth goes that shakers are people who have gotten lost & have died while out in the winter, their bodies frozen which gives them that pale blue colour. If their body isn’t recovered for a long period of time they come back as “shakers”. The frozen bodies come back to life in the colder months when they died & stalk around for living people. They say that if you are caught by one they drag you back to the spot they died & sit there with you, locked in their embrace until the cold kills you too, in turn you also become a shaker and the cycle continues until the frozen corpses are discovered. They uncontrollably shake due to the circumstances they died in, like the story above stated; it’s a symptom of hypothermia. I’ve also heard stories where they’ve been struck and limbs shatter off like glass. It’s mainly A welsh (UK) story but a lot of people elsewhere seem to know about them. The Brecon beacons are infamous for shaker stories.
The creature itself was described as zombie-like, created by a person becoming lost in the wilderness and dying of exposure. These corpses then reanimated as Shakers, named for their uncontrollable muscle spasms and spastic shaking. Shakers target both individuals and groups in an effort to snatch an individual and abduct them to restrain until they too die of exposure and become another Shaker. Believed to originate from Welsh and Scottish sources, with southern Scotland and Cambria in general being main locations cited, though other nations featured as well.

The creatures were also noted to have attempted to gain entry to vulnerable persons homes via group approach or knocking at the door and looking through the windows, possibly behaviour left over from being previously human. No speculation on whether other mammal Shakers exist, though seems unlikely.

One Scottish song intended for young children to sing in primary school was mentioned as its main subject being Shakers.

With the frostbitten moon
On a cold clear night
The shakers will come
In woods out of sight.

You'd better run
You'd better hide
Before they take you
To where they died.
My grandmother used to tell me about shakers when I was younger, she used to live in a large family & swears to this day that one got one of her sisters. She had like 4 brothers & 2 sisters, during WW2 when they were rationing food, to make ends meet the kids used to go up to the woods & lay snares for rabbits. They were a bit late one night & found themselves in the woods at night when a man came from the woods, & I quote my nan “Pale as the moon & shaking like he had hypothermia” he grabbed one of the sisters, too scared to do anything the other kids ran. The only other one of these kids alive is one of the brothers & he swears it happened too. They never found the sister either, though the myth is that shakers turn other people into shakers
They thought she was just being stupid until later that evening the weird girl showed up at the edge of the camp. As described wearing haggard clothing that's not nearly enough for the winter. She kinda hissed through her chattering teeth, like she was trying to say something but the chattering got in the way. She moved slowly with one hand sticking out, kinda shaking in an unnatural way. Her whole body seemed to quiver but it was the shaking hand that sorta stuck out the most.

Only kind of wandered around the edge of the camp like she was afraid of fire, which was unnatural. A normal refugee would walk toward the fire for warmth and possibly ask the people for food. The people were unnerved and after discussion a few of the men went forth to investigate the girl. After getting a closer look at her they threw rocks at her until she shambled away into the dark. The girl who was picking firewood and the men who saw the mystery girl up close refused to talk more about the incident, and being concerned with running for lives and the ongoing war people stopped thinking of this incident quickly, but my grandma kinda remembered since she was young and it made an impression on her.
The myth goes that shakers are people who have gotten lost & have died while out in the winter, their bodies frozen which gives them that pale blue colour. If their body isn’t recovered for a long period of time they come back as “shakers”. The frozen bodies come back to life in the colder months when they died & stalk around for living people. They say that if you are caught by one they drag you back to the spot they died & sit there with you, locked in their embrace until the cold kills you too, in turn you also become a shaker and the cycle continues until the frozen corpses are discovered. They uncontrollably shake due to the circumstances they died in, like the story above stated; it’s a symptom of hypothermia. I’ve also heard stories where they’ve been struck and limbs shatter off like glass. It’s mainly A welsh (UK) story but a lot of people elsewhere seem to know about them. The Brecon beacons are infamous for shaker stories.
I’ve had some experiences with shakers; we had a pretty bad snowfall one year (Scotfag here) & got snowed in for a few days, that’s what you get for living in rural areas. Footprints would show up leading to the front & back door every morning, it’s only me & my wife in the house & it was neither of us plus the postman wouldn’t be able to get to us in the snow. It got quite scary to the point where handprints starting showing up on the window panes etched into the frost & snow was being pushed through our letterbox in the front door. I got woken up one night by the sound of the lounge window banging, looked out of my bedroom window and saw three people retreating back to the woods, it was too dark to see what they looked like but they were all shaking really violently & they were flailing their arms about wildly. The creepy shit stopped after I saw them but we were snowed in & pretty damn scared for another 3 days after that. I assumed they were shakers because I’ve heard stories about them in the area before as a kid.
My grandfather saw a shaker once, he claims anyway. He was big on fishing & used to go up to a nearby pond on the weekends, even in the winter time he’d take a hammer & smash through the ice to put a line down, I went with him once or twice. One time though he came back & burst through the front door, soaked from head to toe & shaking really badly. He was taken into hospital with hypothermia & once he recovered he swears to this day that “a blue person came through the ice” where he had cut a hole into the pond & pulled him under the ice. He doesn’t know how he climbed out because it shook him up so bad but claims that it followed him all the way home & that “it was shaking like crazy, really fast & its arms would jerk all over the place”

Needless to say he got therapy for saying this stuff but he still tells this story like it’s true & has stopped fishing completely, he won’t go near the pond again.
Me & my friend took his dog for a walk along a woodland trail earlier this year in October. The dog had been constantly barking out of boredom so even though it was around 11 at night we wrapped up warm & took him out. So walking back there was this guy on the trail that hadn't been there before, he had his back to us & he was hunched over so his hands were dragging on the floor while he was standing up & it was really weird. Trying not to alert him as he looked creepy as fuck we went through the woods around him, as we came out on the path again ahead of him though he saw us instantly & started shambling over to us. It's then we noticed that he was shaking violently & at a closer range we could see he had no shoes or top on, just ragged shorts. We sprinted off like crazy & got home, wondering what the fuck happened, maybe we saw a shaker?

Just to add, the dog was going apeshit when he approached, not aggressively but whining & pulling away on the lead.
I was driving home one night through the forest on a long, empty road, and I saw this car pulled over on the side of the road with all the lights off. I thought maybe it was someone who needed help so I pulled over behind it and got out to go check, and as I got closer I saw inside and there were two men and two women sitting inside just staring straight ahead and shaking violently with their mouths and eyes wide open. They were all veiny and dull blue like they had been frozen. I screamed when I saw them and all four of them in unison turned their heads and stared right at me. I ran back to ny car and gtfo, never thought about it until now but I bet they were shakers.
My nan is one of those old people who loves to walk everywhere, I'm sure you know what I'm on about, like if she wanted milk instead of driving or catching the bus she'll walk a few miles just to get it? Anyway my nan is exactly like that. So I'm down her house one evening after she's gone down the local shop to big up some bread when she comes through the door in complete distress with blood running down her arm & a a large chunk of skin stripped off where her wrist is. After calling an ambulance & things died down she claimed that she was walking up the hill when " a shaking pale man" started following her just outside the shop. When she turned round to ask him what he wanted she could "see that there were no whites in his eyes they were just empty sockets" and he grabbed her wrist. She said that "his grip was so cold, it was like he was frozen" & as she pried herself free "the skin was ripped from her arm, like I had touched frozen metal & my skin stuck to it" she then ran home, well as fast as a 78 year old can run...

Her words not mine, this happened in 2002 when I was 15 years old. Did she encounter a shaker? The only difference from these other stories is that it was in a small village in a rural area, so remote in a sense but not out in the woods bumfuck nowhere.
Guys this is not even funny. I live in Alaska & when it snows really bad here everyone in town knows not to answer the door at night. Like seriously if you want to talk to someone or if you're going to their house you call them on the phone when you get there because no one will answer if you knock. The reason is of course on nights when it snows really hard the shakers will come out & knock on your door, & if you answer they'll drag you off. You can tell it's them because the knocking doesn't sound right - they just stand there & their shaking arms make their hands hit the door over & over.
I must have been about five or six, playing with my older brother in the snow. I have no idea where our parents were, lol. Anyway we're messin around in the snow makin snowmen & havin snow ball fights like badasses. This was in Colorado btw. So as we're playing I see this kid walking down the street towards us. I don't think anything of it & I keep playing, but I look up again & he's a little closer, & I start thinking there's something weird about him but you know, whatever, just some weird kid. Well about this time my brother notices him too, & he looks at me & says "Go inside." I'm thinking you know, why should I, it's just some weird kid, but right then I look again & I realize the kid isn't wearing a jacket or gloves or anything, just shorts & a tshirt, while it's maybe 30 degrees outside, & this kid is shaking like he's freezing to death just coming right at us, & my brother stands up & just shouts "RUN!" So we bolt into the house & lock the door, & when we get brave enough to look outside the kid was gone. I don't know if it was a shaker or not /x/ but he was shaking all over & he was running at us like a crazy person.
Actually we do have shakers in Australia, i live in a rural town in Victoria so in winter it can get pretty cold here. not snowing but like 3 - 0 Celsius, so at school my friends and I decided to go camping / drinking in the woods near the river (in winter ikr) so it was around 2am when all of a sudden we see this figure on the other side of the river and the brave one (not me) calls out to him no response so we throw a small rock at him then this human figure turns around and we can just see this outline of a body and 2 eyes that are like pure white kinda glowing like... and it starts getting in the water trying to come to us... then the figure slips on some rocks and goes with the rapids down the river... i still get freaked out thinking of that night

forgot to mention the figure was shaking.
i moved to alaska with my dad in my 20's (bad relationship with mom and needed a change) and heard a lot of stories about these guys. I never heard about them before but it seemed to be a real fear for the people there. We had a lot of incidents with missing persons, especially after snow storms or exceptionally cold days. The creepiest part about these "shakers" is, unlike your usual urban legend, they do not just travel at night. Looking out your window and not seeing a single soul on the streets except for a group of these things walking around in the distance is a feeling that I cant even begin to describe.
Back when I was 15 my younger sisters and our cousins asked me to play hide and seek with them in a dark forest with nothing but flashlights (it wasn't even night, in Finland it's dark most of the day in winter). I was hiding behind a huge rock while one of my cousins was seeking and suddenly heard a little girl screaming, it sounded like my sister. I ran to her as fast as I could and saw her lying unconscious on the ground. While I was trying to wake her up I heard a sound behind me, it was a girl about the same age as I was, but her skin was all blue and she was shaking like crazy. I remember sitting there, frozen from horror while the girl was shambling towards me. I snapped out of it when she lunged at me. I pushed her away, picked up my sister and ran back home, yelling at my cousins and my other sister to go back home as fast as possible. Me and my sister who was attacked by the shaker were the only ones who saw it. I don't know if anybody believed us but we know it really happened.
On serious note. George R.R. Martin based his "Others" on medieval legends about the faeries of the winter court who at times were said to take possession of those that died alone out in the cold of winter.

Identified for their bizarre dressing habits, poor jerky imitation of human movement, abduction of people, and shattering like glass.

On sight they just look like one of thousands of weird ass street performers that are common in cities across the world. Walking through Time Square in Manhattan or near the Trevi Fountain in Rome during the height of the Christmas season no one really notices one pale or deep blue mime flailing about when there are dozens putting on street performances.
The term shakers is new but my granpa told me of similar stories

He was a logger in northern mn years and years ago back when they had to use 2 man saws and axes and pull logs with horses. He told me the scariest days were middle of winter when the sun was bright and shiney. No wind just fucking cold. The sun would reflect off the snow and "they" would get you when you were blinded. Also when the men would go back to camp for lunch they'd always lose a guy or two
theyd be found i the spring sans head
Holy shitshrooms… I thought no-one would EVER believe this story, I tried so hard to forget… & now I've found this thread, so here goes…

I come from a small village in the West Midlands (so this East bullshit is null & void), it's called Sheepy Magna (you think THAT'S a weird name? Perfectly normal, there's another place nearby & it's called Sheepy Parva - that's where my boyfriend is from). Anyways, there's an Italian restaurant called Giovanni's, & it overlooks a pond called the Fishing Pond. I used to love going on walks across the Fishing Pond in full winter when the pond froze over! Whenever I walked from my place to my boyfriends, I would hop over the fence behind Giovanni's & slip & slide across the frozen pond - it's usually thick enough to be safe. One night, on my way back from my boyfriends place (it's a really short walk from Sheepy Parva to Sheepy Magna & back) I was gonna go across the pond like always but it was all cracked & there was a big hole in the ice. That's when I heard it, the chattering. I turned around & this man wearing a wrecked waterproof mac, the hood is up; & all I can see is his jaw & his teeth chattering away like crazy. I screamed & he jumped at me, flailing his arms wildly! We fell into the freezey water but I managed to break free of his grip, he… or it, fell into the hole in the ice & I ran back to my boyfriends house crying & screaming & wet.

When I got there he didn't believe me. He thought I'd just fallen in the pond & got too embarrassed to go home to my parents so went back to his with this shitsheep story for a laugh & joke. In the end I pretended it WAS just a joke. Just to help me forget. & now I've found this thread /x/, & you guys all know the truth…

Sheepy Magna & Sheepy Parva has a shaker in the Fishing Pond.
reminds me of an experience I had. I was walking over a frozen pond and looked down to see a man float and pounding against the ice. The pond was completely frozen over so he must have been in there for a while. No way he could have been alive. It looked like he was trying to scream t me. His nose and left eye were gone and one arm was just a stump pounding on the ice. Never believed it and thought it must have been a mind fuck or something
Guys this is some spooky synchronicity or something. I was just out walking through the forest (Indiana) with all the sleeping winter trees & birdsnests & stuff, & as I'm admiring all this I see a pale figure coming my way. It had long black hair & was dressed in winter cllothes so all I could see was its face - solid white with frost at the temples & empty sunken eyes. She was shivering violently & her teeth were chattering, but she wasn't coming at me. She was just casually walking along as she shook, admiring the surrounding beautiful winter landscape. She didn't scare me at all. Actually she made me feel really happy just looking at her. I walked confidently passed her & waved, & as she looked back it was like she was glowing. I think she smiled back, but it was hard to tell since she had apparently chewed her own lips off.

Anyway, maybe all shakers aren't so bad ^_^
Shaker sighting reporting in. This happened last year and I had no idea what the fuck was going one when I encountered it, since I'm from fucking Texas.

I go to school in Washington state. Last year, there was a freak, week long snow storm that effected my college significantly (as in, everything shut down and the fucking campus ran out of food) so a lot of kids were fucking around in the woods that surrounded the campus. There's only about a hundred acres of the thousand acre campus that have been developed, the rest is second growth pine forest with a few roads cutting through.

Anyway, it was my first real snowstorm, and my freshman year, so a few friends of mine grabbed the last remaining food we had in our dorm rooms and decided to go wander out into the woods and fuck around. Startlingly, none of us wanted to smoke/drink, so it was a sober trip. Only a few minutes in, one of the other girls fell and twisted her ankle, so the two bigger guys, Finan and Thomas, decided to take her back, leaving my roommate and myself out in the woods. We both were really unnerved, but didn't want to go back to campus, because we were so stir crazy

Eventually we just kind of sat in the snow and started talking, when we saw someone walking up to where we were sitting from the opposite direction of campus. Victoria was naturally friendly, so she called out to the person and they waved, but there was something really unsettling about the way they were waving...the arm was shaking absolutely uncontrollably. I started having deep, pure nope rise in my stomach, and started getting ready to stand up and run. My roommate, of course, was still trying to talk to this person, who was now really close to us and visibly shaking uncontrollably. Only when it reached out to grab her and we noticed that it had blue hands...NOT blue gloves like both of us had first thought, did she scream and scramble up, and then sprint the fuck away with me.

No one else believed us, and she and I are both really scared of what might happen here when it snows again...
>Be innawoods far north on patrol duty for my base
>Winter is coming, so its cold as fuck and there's snow on the ground
>Received reports of unauthorized groups of people in the area
>There's three of us in the patrol
>One of them is like a brother to me, he's a great guy. Not a pretty thing to look at because he has some frostbite damage on his face, but he's ultimately a good guy
>The other one is our commanding officer and he's a righteous prick. He has no experience in these woods and treats us like shit because of his superiority complex
>We're checking the back trails on horseback, allows for mobility and some stealth
>We hear a disturbing noise a ways away
>Its like a chorus of squeals, like a dozen screaming pigs
>It lasts about 10 seconds
>The horses are spooked
>Dick-ass CO says we're going to check it out
>We literally can't get the horses to move in another step towards where the sound came from
>CO orders my bro to take point and investigate the noise, while me and him tie up the horses to follow
>Bro nods and heads off into the woods after dismounting
>I watch as the figure of his black coat fades into the darkness
>Me and the CO take a few minutes to secure the horses and head off after him
>After about a minute of walking we see a figure running towards us
>Its my bro
>He's out of breath and tells us that there are a bunch of dead bodies near the clearing
>The look on his face is dead serious
>I tell the CO to go back to the base for reinforcements
>CO tells me to go fuck myself and that he wants to investigate this further
>We get to the clearing
>There's nothing there
>I look over and my bro is about to piss himself
>CO starts acting really sarcastic and steps out into the clearing
>Suddenly a hand from beneath the snow reaches up and grabs his leg
>CO reaches for his sword, but before he can a blue figure rises out of the snow behind him and breaks his neck
>My bro takes off and I'm right behind him
>Suddenly I trip
>I struggle to get back to my feet, but I feel something grab me by my cloak
>I turn around and see a pale blue face start at me before he plunges his hand into my stomach and disembowels me
>Fucking others



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